Don't be an asshole
Don't be an asshole. Use your own judgment a bit and be considerate of other players and new players.

- Don't be a racist, no using racist slurs, no insulting other races, name-calling, etc.
- Don't be calling everyone better than you a cheater, it is entirely possible that someone exists who is a better players than you.
- Don't kick because you think someone is using an emulator, emulators are absolutely allowed.
- Don't kick people because you suspect they are someone else
- welcoming to new players
Posted at 2020-03-15 19:04:47  
  Discord Server
So, you're probably wonder if there are ever any players on...the answer is yes. Usually on weeks you'll find a game or two. Its not much but it is something.
If you're looking chat with other players there is the skype group but I'd now prefer is people checkout our Discord server,
Posted at 2016-02-22 17:03:40  
  Skype Group
We have a Skype group which most players are on. Add me Matthew 'envisi0n.' on Skype and I will add you to the main group
Posted at 2014-03-24 23:54:34  
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